Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Rounding the Corner

Our tent theatre is almost complete! And we still have four days to go! All the seats are installed (we managed to squeeze in 129!), the set is almost finished, carpet arrives today, and the final fortifying of our structure happens this afternoon. Another huge round of applause is due to our amazing crew and our fearless leader, Don, who have been working almost round the clock to get the space ready for Opening Night. Speaking of Opening, the set is almost complete, the costumes look absolutely amazing, and tickets are selling quickly. We'll see you all soon!

Seats! These are not easy to install, y'all. I think about twelve people worked on seat installation. Thank you!

Our set is taking shape! And look at all that legroom! This is going to be  a very comfortable tent.

And look at that height! 21-foot ceilings mean we could do two-story sets!
 All in all we're pretty pleased with our new home and we hope you will be too. See you at the theatre!

Monday, November 7, 2011

It's beginning to look a lot like a theatre!

Our temporary space is really taking shape now! Over the past week we've finished enclosing the tent, added doors, a stage floor, and risers for seats. We're working day and night to get the theatre ready for Opening Night of The Lion in Winter on November 18th! 
The stage floor is ready to go. It's just a little bigger than the stage at our old Penn Field space.

The risers for seats are being finished today.

We got our theatre seats out of storage and brought them to the tent on Saturday.

Our crew loaded in the seats and will install them today.

A stage floor and risers have really helped the space take shape. In a few days it should look like a real theatre!