Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Bye, Bye, Generator!

That's our Artistic Director, Don Toner, wielding a jackhammer to create a trench for underground electric cable to power our temporary facility. (How many Artistic Directors do you know that work jackhammers that well?)
Currently all our power comes from a generator, which works great until it runs out of gas in the middle of a show (opening night of The Lion in Winter, thank goodness for flashlights). It was always our plan to have electric installed in the temporary facility, but the initial bid to make it happen was way beyond our means and we stuck with generator power to get us through Lion. After that production we accepted new bids. Huge thanks to Jerry Brinkley (that's him operating the backhoe) for getting our little tent fully powered!
We expect to switch off the generator in about a week.