Saturday, November 24, 2012

First Work Day in the New Space!

Today was our first huge work day and we got a lot done! The theatre is really taking shape and everyone is very excited about our new location.
(Especially the people who found the giant candy store just upstairs...)

Our window display announcing our arrival!

We built another wall at the front entrance to enclose the space. We'll install double doors leading into the lobby.
Don testing the masonite layer on our new stage floor.

The stage is 16" high, 37' wide and 19' 6" long. It's a little bigger than our tent stage and a lot bigger than our Penn Field stage.
The risers for the back two rows were installed today.

Molly testing the structural integrity of the risers.

Bernadette led the cleaning backstage.

Joey clearing the ladder from our spacious dressing rooms!
Laura, Brian, and Huck took out tons of shelving so quickly we didn't get a picture.

The hallway behind our theatre is also a tornado shelter!

 Thanks to Laura, Patrick, Holly, Barry, Huck, Bernadette, Don, David, Joey, Molly, Eedann, Mike, Rick, and Brian for making our first workday awesome! We'll be back at it tomorrow!

Friday, November 16, 2012

First Look at Our New Performance Space!

 Last week we signed a lease agreement for a space at Highland Mall. Our new (temporary) home has a large front area that will be used for the stage, seating, and lobby. It also has a large back area for dressing rooms, storage, and scene construction. After a year producing plays in a tent we're very excited to be back indoors!
First look at our new home! We're on the lower level, across from the Express.

Don Toner surveys the new Austin Playhouse space at Highland Mall.
The staircase  and fountain just outside our front door.
The back area is filled with shelves (and very cool rolling ladders). We'll remove half the shelves and use the rest for storage and dressing room dividers.

We look forward to seeing you soon! Our first play opens December 13th, so we have a lot to do to get the space ready. We've started the permitting process and will begin construction on risers for seating next week.

Monday, November 5, 2012

We're Opening the 2012-2013 Season!

We've successfully negotiated a deal to open our season in a temporary theatre we'll build at Highland Mall.

A few weeks ago, as we were faced with further site permitting delays for our new space at Mueller, we asked our subscribers if they would prefer to open the season in a temporary facility in January or if they would prefer to wait until late Spring to open in the new theatre. The response was overwhelming. 97% of the subscribers who responded voted in favor of opening as soon as possible. We listened to you.

We will open our season on December 13th. We'll announce performance dates and show titles for the first two plays of the season in an e-newsletter as soon as the rights are secured and Subscribers can begin making their reservations at that time. Subscription packets are being prepared as quickly as possible.

While Austin Community College has long-term plans to transform the location, right now it is still a functioning mall. All the big department stores are gone, but many of the national stores, the food court, and local stores are still operating. The Highland Mall location also comes with ample parking, plenty of restrooms, and great climate control!

We want to thank Austin Community College and the management at Highland Mall for facilitating an arrangement that will benefit Austin Playhouse and the Austin community.