Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Waiting Game

Right now we have tons of things in the works including putting the finishing touches on an amazing financing package and planning an incredible temporary site to start our season. But we can't talk about any of that just yet. Right now we're playing the waiting game.

We expect to have our contract with Catellus signed by the end of the month. We expect to have our temporary site permit any day now. We expect to announce dates for the first productions as soon as the temporary site is approved. We expect a lot of things to start happening so quickly and so soon that it will make our little heads spin and make all this waiting pay off. Big time. Until then, here's the latest rendering of exactly where we'll be at Mueller.

Take the Aldrich Street entrance into Mueller. The beautiful Lake Park will be on your right. Look to your left. That big empty field is where we'll be building our brand new theater! Our temporary facility will be located nearby, so you will see all the construction in progress.

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