Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Noises Off Loads In!

Out with Lady Windermere's Fan, in with Noises Off!
On Sunday we had the last performance of Lady Windermere's Fan! Monday morning we got busy on....
Noises Off! We've been wanting to do Michael Frayn's hilarious backstage farce for ages. We just had to get into a place with high enough ceilings to deal with the massive set! Speaking of ceilings....
Ours got a dark blue makeover so it will disappear during performances! Don and Mike and Patrick have been busy for the past two days loading in lumber.
So much lumber. And making platforms and walls and stairs and did I mention the whole thing turns around?! Our lovely spinning fan pieces were a piece of cake next to this set!
Stay tuned for more behind-the-scenes action as it all comes together...
Here's a first day of rehearsal peek at the actors enjoying their last down time before the craziness begins!

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